Clothed-Female Naked-Male Party

A Sexual Fantasy

— By sexykinkybeauty

At a women's-only club, it's a special event night, planned well in advance for the club members. It's a night of dinner, drinks, mingling, chatting, flirting, and dancing. And naked men. It's a clothed-female naked-male party. Women only; there are no husbands or boyfriends permitted: a night of female sexual freedom. The evening is catered by naked male servers with tiny aprons, maybe something like Butlers in the Buff. As the evening begins, women arrive before dinner and are served drinks in the lounge while they mingle and meet other club members. But there’s also a handful of carefully chosen men who have been invited to act as party hosts, conversationalists, guests and, eventually, naked entertainment. The dinner starts and the women are seated along with the male guests. There is pleasant conversation and flirting throughout dinner. After the meal, the ladies and their guests are invited back to the lounge to mingle, flirt, and dance. Drinks are flowing and music is playing. And the butlers serve. The dance floor becomes crowded as the music continues; flirtatious, amorous, libidinous. Everyone knows the specified time when the male guests must strip naked. Most, if not all, the women stay until the moment of the naked reveal. When the time arrives, an announcement is made, conversations pause, and the men all strip naked right where they are. The women watch and laugh with fascination. The male guests are now naked, but the conversations continue, the flirting increases, and the half-naked butlers continue to serve. As the night continues there is more flirting and laughter, touching and playing, teasing and kissing, and the music continues. The focus is always on the pleasure and happiness of the women. There are delighted, aroused women cavorting on the dance floor, chatting at the bar, lounging on the couches, and playing in the dark corners. The night ends when the women go back to their families, husbands, friends, and homes. It has been a night of female sexual freedom.