A Sexual Fantasy

— By Circe

I've always loved music and musicians, dated a lot of them. One of my favourite bands in my younger days (and still is) is Nine Inch Nails. One of their songs, "Closer" has quite the eye popping video to go with it. At one point Trent Reznor has his hands bound, arms above his head from a chain suspended from the ceiling and blindfolded while he sings, "I want to fuck you like an animal." It has been one of my fantasies that he (or some other hot musician) is bound and blindfolded and completely at my mercy, wanting badly to have sex while I tease and torture him for awhile before I have my way with him, and him being unable to do anything to stop me except enjoy (all safe, sane and consensual of course). It's only afterwards that I release him from his bonds, completely spent.