Circle of Friends

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Pea-Chi

I was on vacation with my wife and some of our friends. We were five couples, of which one is lesbian. We had a small house in the dunes of Denmark's western coast with a swimming pool and sauna. One night, I had a dream, that in the evening we all get naked by the fireside, have a glass of wine, sit down in a circle of black leather seats and start masturbating while watching each other. I focussed one of the lesbian girls when she put two fingers in her vagina and looked back at me enjoying herself. Then the girl next to me gently put her hand around my penis and continued to masturbate me. My hands explored her breasts before I started massaging her clitoris. Her breathing became deeper and intense – you could hear everybody moan quietly through the crackling of the burning wood. I was watching my wife while she pleased a friend of mine when I came on another girlfriends hand.