Check Mate 3-Way

A Sexual Fantasy

— By romarin

I'm a young bi woman and have been in a polyamorous relationship with my two partners for the past 3 years. My roommate-lover is straight, and my fiancé is bi. We stumbled into this love triangle when I fell for my roommate and they are both such peaceful and loving men that we have been able to maintain it even as my life partner and I are now engaged and planning a wedding. My lover will be one of our groomsmen. (Plenty of material there for fantasies, too...) We often spend time together as a trio, the two of them are friends and enjoy playing chess together. Throughout our relationship I've fantasized about having a threesome, and specifically double penetration with them, although our sexual relationships have always been separate. There was one evening at a low-key house party when we were sitting on a sofa and the two of them wanted to play chess. There was no space on the table, so I held the board on my lap as they played. While they played, I fantasized that the winner would get me as a prize, but I didn't dare to suggest it. My fantasy for XConfessions is inspired by that: a peaceful domestic evening with both men, as we often experience: cooking together, playing with the dog, laughing, and then a game of chess. The winner gets their prize while the loser watches, and then joins in...