Castle on the Corner

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Rosie

I’m a 50 year old woman, a mother of 5 daughters, a widow and the latest member in the BDSM community. I can’t tell you how empowering and freeing it is to come out of the closet as a bi-sexual sub and a little girl in a TIH partnership. I’m a rope bunny, a bottom or sub and I most definitely am a masochist.

I didn’t believe that you could have orgasms from what another person did to you. I spent 12 years with my husband before he passed away and I swear during sex was the best time to do my grocery list or plan my next day. Once, in Junior High the neighbor who was home on break and I fooled around. When she licked me I almost climaxed but no cigar. I thought I was finally finished with sex when my husband passed away. I was 29 at the time.

I’ve managed to avoid the situation until 23 months ago. After my youngest left home I decided to reconnect with my college roommate. I figured my girls are grown, my husband and parents are gone so its my time. I packed up my things and moved half way across the country from Washington State to Illinois where I grew up, The City of Darkness itself, Peoria Illinois. Only when I got there, my old roommate and I couldn’t tolerate one another!

I was avoiding her by going into a local tavern where I knew a couple of the construction workers who went there all the time and Holy Mother of God there was this MAN there giving out directions and orders to some of the guys I knew. Now these are manly men, construction workers in their prime and they are just cow towing to this MAN whom is everything I ever wanted in male flesh. He is 6’3”, 225 lbs, chestnut colored hair, true hazel eyes with flecks of amber and emerald in them. He has full pouty lips and a boyish look to him even though he is 55 years old. He has a voice like ages whiskey and a chest so broad you could roll over twice and still be on a shoulder. He is what all men want to be and all women just want.

I knew one of the boys (no longer do they hold the status of man in my opinion after I see the way they grovel to a real Alpha male) whom is apparently one of his underlings and I ask who he is. My friend the dildo tells me that’s Alan Williamson, his boss and the landlord to all the historic homes that are being renovated into apartments. Well now… I need to exit the situation I’m in and this gives me a reason to speak to the MSM in question. So Dildo Boy takes me over to Mr. Alan Williamson.

Before I’m introduced though Alan is out of his seat, hand extended to hold my hand and that intense gaze of his staring into my soul “Hello, I’m Alan. Who in the world are you?”

I spent the next 3 hours flirting my ass off! I was 48 years old and the mother of 5 of the most well adjusted, successful, feminists that society could turn out and I flirted with butterflies in my stomach and sweaty palms, I flirted. I was weak in the knees and wet in my pants and this MAN completely charmed and seduced me till I didn’t know which way was home. Besides being incredibly good looking he was poised, witty, intelligent, well educated, funny, sarcastic and oh so very smooth…

I would have gone home with him right there and then but that’s not how he operates. That’s not how BDSM works and I was about to enter a world I knew nothing about. I called him a couple days later and yes, he did have a place I could move into. He had to go to Idaho for a couple months, if I could do a little work in this apartment and maybe manage the other 2 tenants I could move into a FREAKING CASTLE that had been converted into 4 apartments. Uh yeah! I’m an artist, painting walls? I’m all about moving into a castle and decorating it!

We started talking and texting all the time. Some days I did nothing but text with him. The conversations we had blew my mind! We spoke of spirituality, books both fiction and non-fiction, politics, family, morals, values and SEX… I couldn’t believe in this day and age with all that’s going on in the world he tells me that he feels men and women although equally important have clearly defined roles and that as a man he takes what is his and does what he sees fit to do, no ifs ands or butts. He told me that in return for absolute submission he provides all the needs, wants and desires of his ‘girl’. I was horrified. I was flabbergasted. I was intrigued. I was turned on!

Over the next several months he got inside my head, got inside my heart and turned my life around. He would have me do homework and report back on what I learned about BDSM and kink. He would have me do all kinds of things I had never done before like go to adult stores and buy toys for myself and send him pictures of myself using them. Or be on the phone with me while I masturbated. I found myself referring to him as Sir and Daddy which is what he liked. I learned all I could about Take In Hand partnerships and they seemed a lot like my parent’s marriage with the added bonus of spankings. I like spankings. Oh boy do I like spankings. I just never told anyone how much I enjoyed spankings and some manhandling because I thought I was betraying my gender if I came out and said I want a man to take care of me and I’ll take care of his every need. Yeah… That would go over real well with my friends who like me were weaned on Ms. Magazine and had pictured of Gloria Stienem on their walls. Sure…

Then finally he told me he was returning to the City of Darkness and he would be claiming all that belonged to him. That included me! We came to a verbal contract that included conditions, terms, hard and soft limits and even my dirtiest fantasies. All of this before he had ever touched or kissed me! Let me tell you the BDSM community has it all over the vanilla world when it comes to consent. There is no mistaking the intent, who, what, where, and when a scene can happen and it can shalt in a flash if someone *ie the submissive says one word.

When he got in he came to the Castle on the Corner straight from the airport. I happened to be at a friend’s down the street because he gave me no warning. I heard a commotion out on the street and I looked out the window to see him standing near the curb with people surrounding him. He actually had a little gathering of fans vying for his attention. I went to him immediately. Without a single word when he saw me he reached out his hand to me and smiled the most seductive smile I have ever seen. He extricated himself from his growing throng of admirers and led me into his Castle and my turret.

As we climbed the stairs we said nothing. I opened my apartment and he swept me up into his arms from behind me and? on my breasts, my throat, my face and back again but his voice stayed smooth and soft but demanding. “Whose property are you? Tell me, who do you belong to?” then I felt my shirt being torn from my body but I could hardly breathe for the hand at my throat….

“You! I belong to you Daddy!”

He half walked, half threw me down the hallway into the kitchen. As he turned me to face him I felt the first tingles of an orgasm starting. His mouth was on my neck, my face and then…I was on the kitchen counter having hands thrust up my skirt and between my legs. “You will NOT wear panties anymore! And you will always wear skirts and dresses like a lady!”

My panties were ripped from me. Huge hands were grabbing my flesh and bruising me. I had a skirt pushed up to my waist and a lace bra on with sandals that tied around my ankles. I have long, to my waist long, curly red hair that I keep tied up most of the time but it was down and getting tangled. I wear very little makeup but I could tell that my mascara and eye liner were running down my face. I was a wreck! How could he find this attractive!?! But apparently I was turning him on because I could see the bulge in his pants growing larger…. I reached for it and got slapped HAED across my face. “I didn’t tell you that you could touch me yet.”

My check and lip were stinging and my eyes watering and I wanted him more than I wanted air at that moment. Then I was being turned over. Face down on the counter, my head being held there by one large heavy hand and his other spanked my ass. HARD! It was good! He told me I was getting 5 paddles for not waiting and that I had to count them out loud. At 3 my ass was sore and I was ready to be fucked HARD like my spankings.

After the 5 slap he let go of me and told me not to move. I didn’t but I thought maybe I could get another 4 or 5 swats if I wiggled around a little… I heard a condom wrapper tear open and then my legs were spread wide and my ass was being primed but I was so ready to be mounted a strong breeze would have made me have that orgasm. As I climaxed he told me that one was a freebee and from then on I had to ask permission to cum. I panted yes, anything for you Daddy when I felt his cock thrust inside my ass. I screamed out but there was a hand over my mouth.

He thrust deep and hard inside my ass, the pain was astronomical and as it got worse I started climaxing again. Daddy may I but did I say that or just think it? My body started convulsing like I had never before experienced. I could feel this pain somewhere beneath me but it was lifting me higher. I was turned and twisted, probed and spread, stuffed and gagged over the next hour or so and I can’t tell you how I managed to get through that first time other than I reached subspace. I had a mind altering, body numbing orgasm that last about an hour. My mind was free and I was unencumbered with any thought or problem. I completely let go and gave my will and my power over to the man I had been falling for over the last several months. Yes… I am His. I am owned. I am complete now.

We lay and cuddled while he stroked my hair and said the most dear and loving things to me. Those are just mine. I share none of that with anyone. Those moments are just for me and my Daddy. We live a 24/7 TIN partnership now. It is very similar to a 50’s marriage except I run the house however I see fit, that is beneath his attention, and I’m allowed, encouraged even, to bring home other women for us to share or just play with on my own. He takes complete care of me and I do the same for him. We have been recently talking about a ceremony. Having a few close friends and maybe some in the community join us to celebrate. Have a handfasting with a Wiccan Priestess I’m close with preform the ceremony. I’ll either wear a ring or probably a discrete slave bracelet. He’ll wear a bracelet to symbolise his commitment to me. The kind that it takes an alen wrench or a key to take off. Something fitting for my two years of service and a commitment to continue for the rest of my life.

We don’t always have kink but I love all the things Daddy has shown me and how I have learned that inner peace and serenity come from submitting and allowing the exchange of power between us just flow over me. I enjoy being a masochist. Had I known this about myself earlier in life I sure would have made good use of the knowledge. But I can honestly say that I have never been more happy or satisfied than I am at this time in my life. This is who I was meant to be.