Cast Away

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Chop

I dream about an erotic version of Cast Away, the 2000 survival drama starring Tom Hanks. In my dream I am shipwrecked and wake up on what I believe a deserted island. For days I try to find water and food without much luck. Just before I am about to give up hope, I'm discovered by a tribe of women who occupy the island. Lovingly they nurse me back to health. Although I was happy that they saved my life, it struck me as odd that the women wore no clothes and that I wasn't allowed to wear any either.

As I got better it became obvious that I was kept alive as a sex slave to satisfy the women on the island and I was shared around if and when they were lusting after a man. At first it felt like a dream come true; I slept with beautiful and kind women, but one of the woman confided in me that if I failed to satisfy their needs I would become surplus to requirements and would be sacrificed to the island gods.

I knew that ultimately I would fail and plotted my escape. Secretly, I built a raft and one night, after one final evening of sexual exploitation, I set sail from the island. When I looked back the women stood on the beach and simply shrugged their shoulders and returned to their village, to wait for the next cast away.