Be careful what you wish for - you may get it!

A Sexual Fantasy

— By tarzanexplore

Tarzan is a virgin boy of age 25. He has never had an intimate relationship with a girl, actually he never tried. But he fantasizes a lot; about woman, their emotions, their expressions, their reactions during love-making.
In his fantasy there are three woman. While slowly touching one's breast, the second woman kisses him and the third one giving him a blowjob.
When he penetrates the woman, the other rubs her breast in his face, lips and nose. The other one is standing, legs spread, letting him enter his finger to find her GSpot.
He wrote all of his fantasy in his blog hiding his original name with a fake email id. One day he got an email from a strange address, asking about the fantasy that he wrote in his blog.
After several conversations he found out that them (a lesbian triple) were interested in him!
Then they met to fulfill their desire.
Overwhelming with joy, he couldn't decide what to do when all three girls were nude in front of him. So, the girls came forward to help him, and do the rest.