Care to meet for a drink?

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Hopeful Stag

My wife and I are visiting New Orleans for a few nights. It's one of our favorite places on Earth... particularly a little clothing optional B&B in the Lower Garden District. We've had a lot of fun in the hot tub and saltwater pool - sans clothes - over the years.

While waiting for a table in the early evening, we meet a handsome, exotic looking guy at the bar. We strike up a conversation and it's clear my suddenly flirtatious wife is smitten. Before we head to our table, we invite him to meet us for drinks at a bar across the street from our B&B later that evening. He agrees.

We meet for drinks, the flirtatiousness continues. When he excuses himself to the restroom, I ask my wife if she wants to invite him back to our place. She a bit embarrassingly but excitedly nods yes.

We all slip out of our clothes, slip on robes, and walk out to the hot tub. My wife tries to covertly catch a look at his huge cock as he slips into the pool. After a little small talk, I let them know I'm going back to the room to get a few drinks together. I take my time, hoping things will progress in the hot tub. After about 10 minutes, I walk back out to find my wife sitting in front of him with her back to him. Her eyes are closed and I can tell his hands are finding their way under the water. I quietly set the drinks on the table and sit down in a chair a few yards away, just taking it in. My wife turns to him and takes his cock in her hand, still under the water. Her eyes show her surprise at the enormity of his cock. After another minute or two, she whispers to both of us, "should we go back to the room?"

And so we do. And I sit in the corner and happily watch my wife enjoy the pleasure of another man for the first time.