A card game

A Sexual Fantasy

— By vale.it

Not so long ago, my wife and I spent a night with Rose and Albert, a couple of close friends. An ordinary night, doing things like going to the cinema and then dinner at a restaurant... But we had a good time. Back from the double date, I made up this fantasy:

Rose suggests to play a game, just to give the final touch to the time we spent together. The rules are very simple: one card is dealt to everyone in each round, and whoever picks the lower number has to take off a piece of clothing. (I must admit it’s not that original. But try to make such fantasy with someone you've known for a long time! Rose is a very beautiful blonde, and I've always desired her perfect ass...).

Card after card the game goes on, getting more and more exciting. After a while, each of us ends up almost fully undressed. I have only my underpants on. Rose deals out the cards: and I pick the lower one.

‘I guess the game is over - Rose says - but if you want, we could try another kind of game...’