Campfire Dance

A Sexual Fantasy

— By M-86

Night is falling, and the bonfire is already bright and warm.

Several of us pull out the hand drums. There's no plan, no composition, just a few musicians tapping out rhythms by firelight, feeding off each others' energy.

Three or four of the guys get up and start to dance. Around and around the fire, briefly locking eyes with each other, then with the ladies, who one by one get up to join the dance.

We speed up, dancing a little faster, the drums getting gradually more vibrant and energetic. Bikini strings are pulled, towels are unwrapped and T-shirts are pulled off as we switch between partners. Chiselled abs, firm buttocks and pert breasts are each exposed in turn to the glow of the firelight.

We're swapping dance partners every few seconds, getting more passionate with every move. A forearm brushes over the small of a back; a penis is quickly squeezed; a hand cups a breast; a butt is pressed firmly against a hard cock; a finger glides over a wet vulva. Lips briefly lock, then move on, as everyone tests everyone else's pleasure points.

The fire energy, the drum energy and the sexual energy prove to be an irresistable combination. Sweaty, glistening bodies coalesce in a pile of orgasmic ecstacy as we stretch out each others' moments of pleasure as long as we can.

Thankfully, a calm, steaming lake is waiting for us before we must retreat to our tents.