The Business of Pleasure

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Nicola

Sex...just the word sends a wave of electricity through my body. 
I'm a workaholic, traveling for work, and going to business conference after business conference. Sadly, because of my busy schedule, sex sometimes takes a backseat. 
I've always had this fantasy that on one of these conferences, I decide to have a little fun. I've been working hard, so I'm ready to play hard. I decide to hire a male gigalo for the night. 
In my fantasy there is no talking, just one epic night of amazing sex. 
I wait for him in my hotel room. There is a knock at the door, when I open it, this muscular, handsome perfection is standing in front of me. No words are spoken. 
He then leans in and gives me a slow sensual kiss leading me back into the room and shutting the door behind. Our soft sensual kiss starts to get more intense grabbing my ass and rubbing what feels like the beginning of his throbbing cock up against me. 
Still no words are spoken. 
Next, our kissing and touching gets even more intense. He stops to stand back and look at me. 
We lock eyes...god he's gorgeous. He plays with the two open buttons at the top of my blouse, before I know it he rips my blouse open and immediately grabs my breasts kissing, then pulling my nipples out of my bra licking my nipples. 
I can feel his hot breath and his soft toungue all over my breasts. He takes off his jacket and shirt while still kissing and licking every inch of my breasts. We are now on the bed. Our kissing begins again as I reach for his now very hard cock. 
He knows I'm wet. He goes straight for my pussy, lifting up my skirt and moving my panties to the side. He begins to go down on me with such intensity I can feel my leg tremble. 
His pants come off and I see his huge throbbing erection which he then slides perfectly inside me. 
I gasp with pleasure. We proceed to start fucking moving from the bed, to the floor, to the wall, to the big cozy chair in the hotel room only to make it to the bed again and I reach my ultimate climax.