Under my Burberry Raincoat

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

My man loves to give me a good challenge. Last week he ordered me to go on the streets naked, only covered by my long raincoat. He would do the same, and we would meet in a park in the center of town. So, we did it... It felt strange, to be totally naked under that coat. When I entered the subway, it felt like everybody looked at me, knowing that I was nude under that coat... I tightened the belt of my coat, constantly checking if any intimate bodypart was on public display. In the center of town I left the subway, and entered the park. And there I met my lover, in a similar coat as mine. We briefly kissed, and walked hand in hand, until we found an enclosed space for our next sexy challenge: sex in public. We opened each others' raincoats, and started touching each others' bodies. Soon our hands were everywhere. I went on my knees, giving a quick BJ to get him all ready for me. We laid the raincoats loosely around our shoulders so our hands could wander freely over our heated up bodies. He took me leaning against an old tree, our raincoats a khaki coloured cocoon, blending in in the shrubs around us. We took our time, enjoying the wind, cooling our hot bodies. When he came, he pulled out, and cleaned his cock in the lining of his raincoat, and ordered me to let his jizz drip freely down my leg, clearly visible for all to see. Together we walked back to the subway, hand in hand.