My Boyfriends Co-Worker

A Sexual Fantasy

— By slania

I knew him from my youth. It didn't really occur to me but he had always had something interesting about him. 8 years later I met him again. He was the co-worker of my boyfriend. I felt the same attraction between us. We spent a lot of time together, went to concerts or to bars. We got along like old friends. We both knew that it was not allowed, because I had a boyfriend. And he knew him. But one day, after a concert he wanted to quickly get to his apartment to do something. I went with, riding his skateboard. It was really fun. Arriving at his home, he quickly disappears into the bathroom. I looked around and quickly realized that it was a single apartment. There was laundry on the floor, but it did not bother me. I sat down on the sofa and waited. He comes in with a smile out of the bathroom and sits down next to me. We were laughing and talking about anything and everything we could think of. We were both a little drunk. We were looking for some physical contact and touching each others hands. At that moment we both knew what we wanted. We wanted each other, our bodies, our love. He started to kiss me and I kissed him back. He was slow and emotional. I enjoyed every moment. I wanted to feel him and took off his T-shirt. He pulled me down slowly and we lay down on the floor. He looked at me with his blue eyes and kissed my breasts. He was quickly aroused. We fell upon each other and were busy all evening. But we soon expected reality to kick in when we woke up...