Both of You - Please Me

A Sexual Fantasy

— By fm0505

I am with friends at my place just casually hanging out at night after work having a beer and a good laugh.
 I am connected with that one guy, the one that catches my eye every time someone is telling a joke. He is a friend but I want him to be more. But we cannot have anyone noticing our intentions. Every one is leaving one by one. And as soon as the last guy has left the room, we start kissing and touching heavily. We are almost there when I realize that the last person hasn't left my apartment and is now shyly watching us, hiding behind a cupboard. When I invite him to join only with smiling at him, he softly comes into play. It is my home, my safe place and the sex is about my pleasure with it. When I want them to dominate me they do, when I ask them to just kiss my face and touch my breasts -
 they do.
 Both of them want me equally and there is a light competition to it that i enjoy a lot ...
 It just gets me off to know that the strength of both of them together could easily make me the one doing whatever they like. And they are not shy about it, rather rough with a soft sensitivity.