Bonding With the Neighbors

A Sexual Fantasy

— By burnsdom

I'm lucky to be married to Rose. Not only is she beautiful - a tall blonde with deep blue eyes and a great body - but she's very open about sex. We both knew early on that monogamy wasn't for us and agreed to open our relationship a few months after we met. Many hot encounters were borne out of that openness, but one time in particular was so racy, it continues to fuel my erotic fantasies to this day.

It all takes place after we moved into a new neighborhood. A young couple lived across the street and introduced themselves. Kristy was pretty, with dark long hair and brown eyes that had me from the beginning. Her husband, Tim, was Rose's weakness - he was a fireman with a great body. After the initial introduction, we became fairly good friends, typically spending the evenings drinking and flirting with each other. Nothing really happened until one night...

Kristy started things off by discretely grabbing my package and whispering, "I want you to fuck me." When I asked her about her husband, she said "I'm sure you'll think of something." After the shock wore off, I told Rose. She agreed to probe Tim for interest. As it turns out, she had been fantasizing about him for a while.

Fast forward an hour...We all agree to swap partners with each other. However, Rose had two conditions: 1) We'd be in different rooms. 2) No condoms. "I hate the feel and smell of them", she said. "Kristy and I are both on birth control and we're all clean". I was stunned, but was certainly not going to pass up the chance. We all separated and spent the remaining hours fucking each other's partners. The next morning Kristy and I woke up and met our significant others downstairs. There was no awkwardness...only closeness. After Tim and Kristy went home, Rose and I had the best sex of our marriage.

We would continue the relationship for another year when, unfortunately, we had to move. We both miss that relationship. It opened up so many things for all four of us, sexually.