The Boathouse

A Sexual Fantasy

— By photographer

I get so aroused by the boys and girls from university rowing teams. I wonder what’s underneath that beautiful shaped suits. Athletic body types with stunningly shaped butts move over the platform to prepare for the races. Boats are assembled and firmly checked by these future lawyers, doctors and other highly educated to be professionals.

Teams from around the globe meet at the rowing lake to race agains their competitors.

For sure some of us know the rowers from the university of Warwick. These naked boys and girls show off to the public to raise money for the good cause. But wouldn’t it be nice to see something beyond calendar pics and somehow censored video? I mean can we have a glimpse of what’s going on in the boathouse? Behind this doors, imagine aroused boys and girls stripping down their sporting suits from top to bottom revealing their body bit by bit, teasingly slow or as fast as possible. It can be in the showers or in the toilets. The elastic fabric from the suits cling around the body parts. How hot would it get when these horny, young and healthy rowers touch and fuck each other to relieve all pressure.