Bloody moon

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Bitė

It was a boiling hot summer night in Sicily. The full moon was lighting up my dark room while I was taking a shower and getting aroused by my own goosebumps from an ice cold water. My boyfriend was watching me secretly from a distance. I didn't use the towel, just walked to the open balcony so that the wind cooled me down and I could enjoy more of my own skin excitement. While standing there looking at the full moon I felt drops of blood between my legs, and then my boy came around and grabbed my thighs and spread that blood around, started licking my pussy while kneeling and massaging my belly, waist. I asked him to penetrate me, and he did it extremely slowly while I was bending over on the balcony. I smashed him on the ground and started fucking him hard. I did it circling on his penis and riding him. It was extremely wet and moon-y. I was really excited so I climaxed very quickly and he loved watching me come, so that right away he shagged himself off on my belly.
I believe that women's menstrual cycles are beautiful and nothing ugly or terrifying. I always feel more excited and feminine during this period. I am sure there are couples enjoying everything and giving women more confidence in who she really is.