Blood on the black and white tiles

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

This happened about 25 years ago, in the beginning of our marriage (still married, still very much in love, thankfully). It was a beautiful warm summer day, sunday morning. She came nude out of the shower, only a towel around her hair. She was having her period, but I was in the mood, and started kissing and fondling her. She removed her tampon, to give me access to her vagina. I made love to her from behind, fingering her first, we both standing up. But soon she went on hands and knees, me taking her from behind. In the end, our Dutch black and white tiled floor was splattered with bright red droplets of blood, her buttocks, legs, everything, my cock and fingers too, everything was bright red and dripping! That was an very intense sunday morning exersize.