Blind Date

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Miss Minimum

He pulled the blindfold into place, careful not to mess up my hair. I have straight, long, shiny hair but he asked me to wear it up that night. It made my neck and throat feel deliciously naked. He kissed me lightly, the touch of his lips burning deeper in my private darkenss. I heard the click of a key card unlocking a door and he took my hand, leading me in.

I had received the text from him that morning. Last minute, as always, but he knew how that excited me. One moment life was the usual routine, the next I'd be on the run up to some thrilling tryst with this exciting man. The text had been to the point.

"19.35 lobby of the Railhouse Hotel. Wear the strapless dress, heels, no stockings, your hair up. Don't be late!"

The door clicked shut behind us and I stood still. There was carpet under my feet but the room sounded empty as my lover's footsteps moved away from me. I heard metal sliding against metal, and the jangling of chain links. I shivered and felt my nipples harden. His footsteps came back to me.

He had collected me at 19.35 from the lobby of the grand, old hotel. Dressed in crisp, black trousers and a clean, white shirt, the top button undone, he had smelt really good as he'd greeted me with a formal kiss on the cheek. Once we were in the lift he had kissed me more passionately, though he was very careful not to mess up my hair. All the way up I'd been trying to guess what this was going to be; which of my deep desires he was going to combine with one of his. It would be good, very good, I knew that; it always was.

I jumped as I felt his cool hand slide down my bare arm. I hadn't heard him come back to me. He kissed me on my neck and I turned my head wanting to return the kiss. I only found air as he was already leading me across the room. We stopped and he put his hands on my hips as he moved me into a precise postition. Then he kissed me; properly this time, long and deep. As my hands came up to pull him closer he took hold of my wrists and slowly lifted my arms until they were above my head. I felt my fingers brush against leather and metal and couldn't help smiling into our kiss.

He broke away and I felt him wrap leather cuffs around my wrists, fastening them just tight enough to keep me secure. I was aware of my body stretched tight between the ceiling and the floor. Goosebumps ran along my skin and I could feel the heat between my legs. My hands lifted another couple of inches as he wound the winch and I stretched further, my stomach becoming taut and my breasts almost lifting out of my dress.

For a while it was silent. I hung there listening for his movement. My front was cooler than my back, with no air movement, a familiar sensation that I couldn't recall. I turned a little and heard the clinking of the chains above me. Then I jumped as the quiet was drowned out by the sudden clanking of a train rushing by. Soft leather thongs trailing up my bare legs distracted me. With a final whoosh the train sound was cut off and all I could hear was my lover's breath in my ear as the leather thongs continued to stroke my legs.

'Are you excited?' he said.

'Yes,' I whispered.

'Have you worked it out yet?'

'Not yet.'

He bit my ear lobe, then pulled away. I felt his free hand push my dress up to my hips, exposing my round buttocks to the leather thongs. Gently, he stroked the soft skin then stung it with a flick of the whip. My cunt pulsed and my breasts ached. I tried to arch my back but I was stretched too tight. His hand ran along the hot lines left by the whip and then I felt its sting again. Five strikes in quick succession that left me gasping, the sweet pain radiating out and heating my groin. Once again his hand stoked my buttocks and I tried to press back against him. The restraints stopped me getting any strength in my movement and I swung about in frustration.

Cool hands held my hips, calming the swinging. He reached down to my thighs, running his fingers up the soft, sensitive skin to my soaking pussy. Two fingers found my clit and started to rub it in tight circles. He used his other hand to cross my left leg over my right. It just gave me less ability to move so I uncrossed it. He slapped my leg and put it back where he wanted it. Trying to get comfortable I pulled myself up and was rewarded with an insistent throbbing in my cunt. I crossed my legs tighter and pulled up again. His fingers on my clit worked faster.

'Good girl,' he said, 'I knew you'd work it out.'

He kept one hand on my hips to stop me swinging about as I was suspended in growing bliss. My climax came in a wonderful slow build, moving up my thighs and into my pulsing cunt. My body was filled with a deep relaxation that was at odds with the tension of my restraints. I became aware of my dress loosening as he slid the zip down. The heat of my orgasm was fanned by the cool air as my dress moved down my body and onto the floor. Again, I was aware of the front of my body being colder than the back.

He uncrossed my legs and moved round so that he was in front of me. I could feel his eyes on me as I stood stretched out for him, wearing nothing but heels and a blindfold. My body was still buzzing, I wanted more. At last I heard him move. The winch turned and lowered me enough that my feet were firmly on the floor. His hands were on my hips again and I felt him kneel. He lifted my legs so that I was sitting on his shoulders, his hot breath on my cunt. I wriggled forward, longing to feel his tongue on my clit. He didn't disappoint. His tongue flicked over my swollen clit sending little charges of electricity into my pussy. I groaned and pressed forward. He reached his hands up to my breasts, pinching my nikpples and rolling them between his fingers as his tongue worked its way around my pussy. I was moaning with pleasure, grinding against his face, building to a climax... and he stopped.

Suddenly my feet were on the ground again and he was gone. I heard a train again. It whooshed and clattered past and then there was silence. I waited; silent but frustrated. At last I heard the winch again. It loosened off much more this time. I felt his hands on my shoulders. He turned me around so that I was facing the opposite direction and pushed me to my knees. The hard, wet tip of his cock pressed insistently against my lips. My mouth opened and I flicked my tongue over the tip, enjoying its taste and the groan that escaped from his lips. I leant forward taking more of it into my mouth; sliding it between my hot cheeks, running my tongue along its length. He pushed his fingers into my neat hair, pumping my head back and forth, forcing his cock deeper. My throat opened to take him, gagging now and then. I could feel my hair falling down my back as his fingers wound into it. He pulled back a bit and I leant against my restraints, my shoulders burning, I didn't want to stop. I knew this was driving him crazy.

With a reluctant sigh he stepped away and gently pushed me back so that I was kneeling properly. He knelt down in front of me and kissed me. I could taste my own sex on his mouth and it spiked my lust. He held me close, running his hands over my body, his cock, long and hard, pushed between my thighs. I rocked back and forth, feeling it rub against my clit as we continued to kiss, exploring each other's mouths with our tongues.

'Fuck me,' I breathed into his mouth.

'It's almost time,' he said.

'Almost time?'

'You'll see.'

He stood up, lifting me to my feet at the same time. When we were standing he turned me around so that I faced the cold again. He ran a hand up my back to my neck and pushed me forward until there was no slack left in my restraints. I felt him slide a hand between my legs, pressing a finger into my cunt and stroking my g-spot. I was trembling with anticipation. His hands found my hips and he stepped forward, his cock sliding along my crack until it pressed against my pussy. He thrust forward and pulled back and then thrust forward a bit further. I tried pressing back to take him deeper but couldn't.

'Patience,' he said.

He pulled out again and I almost cried with frustration. I felt his cock against my cunt and this time he thrust forward, driving deep, holding me steady with his hands he thrust again and again, slding against my g-spot, driving me towards orgasm. I heard the sound of a train again. He was thrusting his cock into my cunt with perfect rhythm. The trembling in my knees was strarting, my shoulders were burning. I could still hear the train. My nipples were tingling, the heat was building in my pussy. The train was slowing down.

'Oh yes,' he said, 'Here we go.'

He pulled my blindfold off and I could see that I was being fucked from behind in front of a floor to ceiling window, just inches from the glass. Outside the window, lit by the light from our room was the aerial railway line and on it was a train full of people, slowing up for the station. All those people getting a glimpse of me, naked, with a great big cock in my cunt.

I came. I came so hard that I think that I blacked out for a second or two. My lover had to hold me up to stop me from collapsing as he pumped spunk into me. By the time I was able to focus again the train had gone.