Binding Terms

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Amante

We sat across from each other at work and developed an intense attraction and carried on a heated flirting game. We eventually hooked up and had a relationship fraught with endless fighting and then split. Our sex was earth-shaking of course. She loved to tie me up at will and tease me mercilessly for a couple of hours and then make me fuck. She had a real dominating streak and a deep-set need to control which was a real asset in bed. Being restrained while watching and feeling her naked porn-star worthy body climb over me and subject me to her will was unbearably exciting and I recalled it endlessly. I attempted to relive the experience several times by way of the alt/kink hookup sites that were popular back then. The results were about 90% catastrophically disappointing and the other 10% were just ok. We stayed in touch and after about a year, she asked me to meet her at a hip new bar in town. She looked absolutely stunning, as if she had done a makeover, which caused me to think this wasn't to be an innocent rendezvous. She ordered us each some trendy drinks at 2-for-1 that were quite good and very strong. She was wearing a very thigh revealing skirt and kept crossing and re-crossing her legs, suggesting things to come. "So, you really haven't seen anyone else since we split? Hard to imagine, given your horny little Portuguese libido!" I raised my glass to hers. "You're a hard act to follow!" "Takes two, you know?" She took it from there. "We had some rough times, but I doubt that we will ever have as fucking awesome sex again! With anyone else, that is." I didn't know quite how to respond, but I didn't need to. "It seems a shame to just not share that part at all especially since neither of us are involved now, you know?" "Umm, yeah. I would be lying if I said I have never thought about it, a LOT!" "Ok, so, can we just fuck sometimes? No obligations, just be my toy once in a while!". She had me at "toy". (10 minutes later) She drove me to her place and led me in by the hand and straight to her bed on which she had wrist and ankle restraints splayed out in preparation for me. She tied me up and proceeded to punish me with erotic pleasure for the rest of the night. Straddling me, she held me at the biceps and stroked my cock slowly with her vagina, devouring me more intensely than she ever had before. "Did you think we would be doing this?" “OhmyGod!! I wanted it so bad that I was afraid to think about it!” "Nice response, because we’re going to do this again, often, at random, my call, your surprise. My text will seem innocent, but you'll know what I want you for". She then started to slide the lips of her vagina just over the head of my cock, slowly back and forth, driving me fucking mad. "I'm going to fuck you now, and you're going to be my slave whenever I say so, no backing out." "Ok.., do I have any choice?" "No, you don't. You’re not getting away.” The times between our bondage dates seem like forever. I check my messages obsessively.