Her Birthday Wish

A Sexual Fantasy

— By NoNick

I imagine to be invited to a birthday party of a new friend of mine. It's her 30th birthday and she is celebrating in her old building appartment. A lot of friends are invited, most of them well dressed women in their early thirty somethings. Since I don't know anybody I try to get in touch with some of them. It's like a normal party: white wine, snacks, finger food, good music. At 12 o'clock her best friend holds a speech about my friends biggest wish. Somehow everybody is smiling and it seems as I am the only one not who does not know about this wish. Suddenly her best friend starts to blindfold my friend and goes down on her knees while my friend is sitting on a chair. You can tell that my friend is immediately excited. It seems as if she knows excactly what will happen now. The whole room is watching excited. Some of them still have a glass of wine in their hand. Her best friend slowly starts pulling down her pants and begins to slightly lick her pussy. I can't believe my eyes. Everybody in the crowd is watching silently and enjoying the show. With my eyes I am following the movement of her tongue. After a few minutes her next friends goes down. This goes on and on. Every guest has a totally different - but always voluptuously, tender, caressing - way of pleasing her.
After twenty minutes it's my turn.