Bi the Way I Love You

A Sexual Fantasy

— By bicyclerbend

My wife and I are fairly ‘normal’. We work hard, are reasonably fit, playfully kinky, both clean shaven, happy and very much in love. But I had a secret. I was very bi-curious. I had never expressed this for fear of being rejected. One day while flipping through porn we came upon two guys having oral sex. My wife suddenly declares, “that is so hot, it really turns me on.” I responded, “what if I told you it turns me on also and would like to try it?” She responded with, “I think I would love it.” I asked, “what if I would also love to see you making love with the other man as well. The passionate look in her eyes told me the answer. I arranged for a bi male friend to come visit. We relaxed on our sofa, my wife between us. We enjoyed drinks and each other’s company. Soon we were kissing my wife, and clothes start to fall off. My wife took a cock in each hand and started to caress, kiss and suck them. I moved close in and she moved his cock to my mouth, with a look of pure encouragement. We were soon hungrily sucking, then my wife sat back to watch moaning softly as she played with herself. All potential oral positions were tried. As we look at each other he enters her. She moans softly and her eyes roll back slightly as she feels him deep in her and I am ecstatic watching her make love to him. Occasionally we exchange looks of pure love and ecstasy. I move closer, she sucks me, I move down and lick her swollen clit and get a mouthful of cock as he pulls out and presents it to me before returning to her. I take his place and kiss my wife as he places his cock to our lips. We hungrily suck him, he groans as he explodes between our lips spilling our reward and we eagerly kiss. My wife orgasms intensely and I soon fill her with my cum. Exhausted we all collapse on the sofa and bask in the glow. It was such a beautiful, exciting, experience and my wife and I are closer than we have ever been. I am no longer curious, we have repeated the fun of the evening with our friend and are looking forward to our first MMMF experience.