Best night of my life

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Alisha

I was on a solo trip through Europe. I was in Berlin where I met this guy, Steve at a bar. He was tall, well built and really hot. He was wearing a crisp white shirt which was kind off see through so you could see his hot chiselled body. We were just talking and one thing lead to another and we were making out at the corner table. Things started to heat up and we decided to take things forward at his place. We reached his place and started undressing in the living room itself, little did we know that we were not the only ones. He was going down on me and his room mate comes out of the shower in just his towel. He was just as good looking as the guy I was with if not more. We were embarrassed and quickly covered ourselves. His room mate, Steve, apologised and told us that he was heading out and that we would have the place to ourselves. Adam went to his rooms to get condoms and I was sitting on the couch naked and awkward. Adam comes back and asks if I wanted to smoke some marijuana before we got back. I happily agreed and we started smoking on the couch. While steve was about to leave I asked him if we wanted to take a few puffs before he left. He came sat with us ad started smoking too. We smoked a little too much and don't know how time passed, laughing and talking. When I get very high I tend to get really horny and I wanted them both at that moment. I slowly rubbed both their thighs. Slowly moving closer to their dicks. They did not seem to mind so I took this as a signal that they were up for it. I slowly leaned to kiss Adam while grabbing Steve's dick and was it big. We got in the mood and before I know it I was blowing Adam while Steve was down on me. I cannot stress on how hot they got me. I wanted to lick every part of them and so I did. We moved things inside to the bedroom, and while standing Adam inserted from infront and steve from behind. I could feel their dicks deep inside of me. Moaning and enjoying every moment of it. I was so into it that I had a big orgasm and squirted while they were still inside me.