Bend Over For Your Master

A Sexual Fantasy

— By PrimalGuy

You arrive at the appointed time. I am sitting in my chair. You stand before me, awaiting my instruction.

“Disrobe. Slowly.”

You are self-conscious about your body, and of people watching you undress. But you unbutton your blouse, and pull down your skirt. No undergarments or stockings are allowed. You stand, facing me, awaiting my instruction.

“Turn around.”

You feel very vulnerable when people can see you but you can't see them. But you turn away from me. You know my eyes are taking in every arch, every crevice of your back and buttocks. You start to feel excited. You await my instruction.

“Spread your legs and bend over.”

Now you are afraid because you will put yourself in a defenseless position. But you separate your legs shoulder-width and bend at the waist. Your breathing becomes more rapid with anticipation. You await my instruction.

You hear me rise from my chair and walk towards you. The sound of a zipper being opened. You gasp as you feel my hard cock between your buttocks. Your knees stiffen as you brace to be penetrated. You want it now, but you dare not ask. You await my instruction.

“Say it.”

You quickly answer, “please.” I am now rubbing my cock on your very moist vagina lips. You involuntarily thrust your pelvis into my groin, begging for penetration. But you have to wait for my instruction.

“Mean it.”

A cry escapes your lips: “Fuck me! Now! I beg you!” And that is when I plant my feet, secure my hands on your hips, and drive my cock deep inside of you.