A Sexual Fantasy

— By Amarela

Last weekend we met with a couple that had become our friends in order to have casual dinner, even though clearly with a (not so) hidden agenda. Actually it was the date of the traditional Gaelic Beltane festival, the festival of fertility. We arrived late in the AirBnB and they had already prepared a variety of tasty food that we ate on the floor in a cosy atmosphere. After that we cuddled in on the bed and as our bodies heated up, clothes were taken off, bit by bit. We put a camera on the shelf to keep track of everything. My lover is kind of into visual souvenirs, it turns him on to have a very personal recap of our actions. At first being hesitant about that I grew to like it. So the men started to massage each other with us girls watching with delight and a glass of wine. Later on we joined them and took turns in attentively massaging everyone in the tantric way, not missing out on any part of the body. Even though we were all naked and there were kisses and sensual touches we were clearly not crossing the border of this becoming too sexual. The mood was frisky and merry, we became more relaxed with every hour passing. After taking turns in couples to shower off the oil and getting tired by all the sensations, we crawled altogether in the queen size bed in the roof of the AirBnB. At first I was thinking that there's way too many people in that bed, but my lover was distracting me from that thought with a bold move to get down on me right next to the others. I tried to fend him off in order to not disturb or offend them - even though I craved him doing exactly that. Putting all my energy into that internal moral fight of mine I didn't even notice them being busy and heavily breathing themselves. Somewhat later the other guy came down on her, causing her to moan in absolute pleasure. I let go of my concerns and let my lover lick me as much as he wanted, while also slipping his fingers into me. Meanwhile the others changed position, she was on top of him, steadily moving on him with her hands on the roof beams. Being inspired, I also got on top, taking care of his pleasure, both oral and with my fingers caressing his bottom. He was very much in lust, covering his face with a pillow in order not to be too loud - even though I love to see him like that. Both guys laying on their backs started kissing each other, which really turned me on. After that I lost track of the other couple, because my lover was fucking me so intensely that I was completely overwhelmed. I heard him say: "You probably like that, too." I let him turn me around and all of the sudden, I was lying bend over with my head down on the floor facing the ceiling, next to me the other gorgeous woman. Both of our sweet spots were in the hands of the men I nearly exploded with lust. When we finished that second part of the night, the bed sheets were soaked in our liquids and we finally got some sleep, letting those memories settle.