Be My Birthday Cake

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Mochi23

Master's birthday and mine is just a day apart so we made a pact to celebrate together. Last year he Skype called me on midnight (at my place), and I too surprised him by shaving down there and put on a sexy lingerie. That turned him on real good and we had a great night.

I imagine a different scenario for the next. I want it to be face-to-face. I have this idea that either one of us (most likely me, but I really want it to be him) be the "cake" for another. I want him to lie down and spread himself with chocolate, cream, strawberry jam.. and telling me to finish them all from the top of his chest down to his dick with detailed instruction (lick this part, suck over there, "bite" a little of your cake here, something like that). No food should be wasted. then he'll tell me to make a wish before I "blow the candle" ;) and he'll grant that one wish after that.. of course if I'm being a good girl and follow his commands first..