Bad Boys get Spanked...

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

Recently I rummaged through my LP collection, and I found this almost forgotten LP of The Pretenders, simply called Pretenders II. On it I found a song that I only started to understand now, now I'm into some BDSM myself... It is called "Bad boys get spanked" and it was a revelation for me to finally understand the lyrics.

They go like this: You're not supposed to do that/you know you're not allowed to/But you seem to get some kind of kick/Out of doing what you're not allowed to/You deliberately defy the rules/'Cause the law is upheld by fools/Shit on that/BAD BOYS GET SPANKED.

You can look but don't touch/But no you can't resist/Don't you even think about the consequence/Guys like you never do/That's the kind of stuff boys are made out off/That's the kind of stuff girls are made off/BAD BOYS GET SPANKED (2X).

You don't listen, do you asshole/Don't be a punk all your life/Someone's gonna sort you out/They'll try to make a man out of you/ Say yes Sir, say no Sir/Say yes Ma'am, say no, Ma'am/Shit on that/ BAD BOYS GET SPANKED (2X).

Get spanked, get spanked/ Come here, get spanked!/Bad boys get spanked/Come here, get spanked!...

(During the song Chrissy starts moaning and wailing more and more in an orgasmic way...)

Just imagine, this song as a soundtrack for a good spanking session! I'm in, just let me bend over!