Back to school - a journey to the subconsciousness

A Sexual Fantasy

— By MissyMag

Remembering the old school days me and some old friends where wandering through thoughts about the old days. Because of the time being we coud talk about the girls we fell in love with. But also about the authoritarian characters of some teachers. And maybe the mixture of these two led to me to the strangest but in the same time most erotic dream I had in years. I dreamed of all the girls I had a secret crush on. Of Vanessa who looked and behaved like a model with long legs and blonde hair. Of Angeline who always looked and dressed dirty and resembled Sarah from the Witchblade comic. She always wore the shortest skinniest stuff. The hippie girls in there long dresses with tops and their dreads. The metalbabe with her korsage, short gothic skirts and fishnet stockings. The older girlfriends of my sister. The skater girl. The big boobed. The redhead. The experienced, the one with the great ass. The mysterious, the shy. All girls I once had a crush on during my school days and me where back in school. But nobody else. I was wandering through the halls and all girls were following me. I turned out they where hot for me. Things turned around. But although I knew the girls thoughts the me in the dream didn't notice at all. The girls had to show me their feelings and they really had to convine the egocentric dream me of having sex with them. And so the me of the dream was overwhelmed by every girl I ever had a crush on in school.