Anything Goes

A Sexual Fantasy

— By pinnedandmounted

I have a best friend who turns me on. We're both single and want to stay that way, so we don't want to become a couple.

I want to set up a temporary autonomous zone for one weekend where we rent a house in the woods and lock ourselves inside. Within the boundaries of that time, we explore each others' bodies and do everything we desire—nothing is off-limits. All terms are negotiated in advance (condoms/no-condoms, safe words, boundaries) so once we're inside that space, we're completely free. We fuck in the name of exploring our sexuality, using each others' bodies in the best way to express our desires and act out our fantasies.

We start with an all-over oil rub-down where there is no sex, but an extensive exploration of each others' bodies. Hands sliding around each other, into every part, his hands slip into my pussy, mine around his cock. I slide my pussy up and down on his cock but he doesn't go inside yet.

We explore the other with our mouths. He spends a lot of time licking my pussy and fingering me. I give him head and ask him to fuck my throat so his cock goes all the way down.

Our fucking is varied—doggy-style, I ride on top of him, he slowly puts his cock in my ass. We explore a variety of positions. He's good at holding back his orgasm so I'm able to get to the point where I squirt when I come, over and over and over. Throughout the weekend we explore each other and enjoy each others' bodies.

When it's time to go, we get dressed and return to the city. The temporary autonomous zone is closed (temporarily!) and we go back to being friends, living our own lives and enjoying one another's company freely.