A Sexual Fantasy

— By Emma007

I don’t often have very interesting fantasies. Nothing worth writing about. Even this one isn’t so exciting in some ways but it really captured me… you see I’ve been exploring in my mind the thought of a swap with me, my husband, a friend and her husband but it’s not the swap or the sex that is the fantasy. It is the build up. The anticipation. The naughtiness. The preparation. I love imagining the scenario where the conversation may even come up. A joke maybe. Then the joke keeps going. We drink. The day goes on. The conversation gets more flirtatious. The interaction more tactile. Then there is a game. Something innocent. Then a suggestion of something less innocent. Something silly like spin the bottle. There is tension. So much tension. Then I let the fantasy overwhelm me. It’s not about the sex. It’s about everything that gets us to that point.