A new belt...

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

Recently I bought a new belt. Genuine leather, of course! Although I wear it with my regular clothes, I also have a second use for it... To use it on my big love, to spank her up good with it! Imagine, me coming home after yet another boring, dreary day at the office. The only thing that keeps me going is the thought that SHE will be waiting for me, wet in anticipation for what is yet to come! I phone home, to give her time to get ready, so when I get home she will sit there, with her full, ripe buttocks towards me. When I enter the room, she will keep her eyes on the wall in front of her. And when I unbuckle my new belt, I see a small shiver going through her. I remove the belt from my jeans in one, swift movement so that it makes a whizzing sound, clearly audible in our silent bedroom. Did she moan a bit when she heared it? I command her to sit still, and there it is, the first slap... I hear a faint cry coming out of her mouth, and I hesitate a second, to let her be ready for the next one... In an synchronised rythm I let the leather belt kiss her skin, until her buttocks glow a fiery red. Quickly I step out of my jeans, and penetrate her dripping wet pussy in one, eager thrust. We fuck like animals now, no tenderness, just raw lust., until the uninvatible end. Both gasping for air, we reach our mutual orgasm. When I finally slide out her, I gently kiss and caress her tormented butt cheeks until she falls asleep, exhausted. While she's asleep I apply some cooling gel on her blazing red butt to soothe her pain. She keeps surprising me with her courage, my great love!