An uninvited guest

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Wulfy7

It is my girlfriend's birthday. I have cooked her a meal and we sit at the table, chatting whilst we eat and drink. Once we have finished the food, we retire to the lounge and sit on the sofa.

We are sitting on the sofa watching a film on TV. The film is pretty steamy and during one of the various sex scenes, she leans over and kisses me. She takes my hand and guides in down her body to between her legs. I stroke her thighs for a little while, but then move them upwards, lifting her skirt in the process. The film must have turned her on, as she is already quite wet...

I begin to rub her gently, flicking her clit as I do. She unbuttons my shirt and my jeans and takes them off. I undress her too and she lies back on the sofa. I kneel before her and dive down to lick her pussy. It isn't long before she's had enough warm up... she gets up and kneels on the sofa and I enter her from behind. She uses the sofa arm to steady herself.

Neither of us had noticed that the front door had not been properly closed. A man, not known to either of us, walks through the door and enters the lounge as I am balls deep inside her. She smiles and ushers him over to her, much to the stranger's shock. Once he stands before her she undoes his trousers, frees his already-hard cock and pulls the stranger to her.

She takes the stranger's cock in her mouth and starts sucking and licking. Her moans are muffled, but she is clearly enjoying being the centre of attention. She lets out a cry as she cums, grabs the stranger's cock in her hand and with long, fast strokes, takes the starnger's explosion in her mouth.

Almost instantly, it becomes too much for me and I too finish inside her, thrusting deep inside her until all energy has been spent and we both collapse on the sofa.

The stranger pulls up his trousers, gives a courteous nod, and leaves... closing the door behind him.