An unexpected turn of events

A Sexual Fantasy

— By gibi

I love my wife. I love living with her. I love making love with her. Our sex life is really good but she can't even hear about oral sex. She says that she dislikes the pubic hair around my penis and that my beard tickles her legs and makes her laugh. I tried to cut off both but the result didn't change... I fantasize about we two that try to solve the problem by calling a sex-pro as a teacher. She sits on the chair in a corner of our bedroom while we are half-dressed, and quite embarrassed, on the bed. She tries to guide us saying: "do this, don't do that..."... "caress there, a kiss here"... "quickly, slowly"... After a while is clear that we are so-bad-student that she had to get up to show us how to do. Without understanding how the situation switches into a threesome. I find myself lying on the bed with a beautiful woman sitting on my penis and a beautiful woman sitting on my mouth. They are lusciously kissing themselves...