An Erotic Encore

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Fangirl

What I miss the most in this pandemic world is live music, and today I had a dream about it. It's a small place with my favourite band, and I'm a little drunk and with my boyfriend close to my back. We're directly in front of the stage and the singer is barely one meter away from me. He's hot. He's not handsome, he's just hot. I got a huge crush on him and my boyfriend knows it and enjoys the fantasy. He whispers to me asking if I'd suck his cock, and I say yes and rub my ass against him. I'm horny and I stare at the singer making it obvious that I'm not just a fan. My hands move under my shirt, making my cleavage show through my bra. I want to distract him but I just get his smile and more wetness. My boyfriend asks if I would fuck him and while I look at him behind the microphone I say that I would fuck him. When the show ends my boyfriend insists on waiting for him to go to the merch table so we can buy a shirt and take a picture with him. “You are the first one in line”, he says. I smile. We get two shirts and a picture with him. He says goodbye with a naive lips kiss. My boyfriend pays. He has written something in the banknote. While we’re going home I get a message from an unknown phone, saying room 66 in a nearby hotel. What. My boyfriend asks again if I want to fuck him. Five minutes later I’m knocking on that door. There are four glasses of champagne. One for me, another for my boyfriend, one for the guitarist and another one for the singer. We toasted for a hot show. My boyfriend laughs and says that he wants another hot show. The singer gets his mouth closer to mine and I almost beg for his kiss. He kisses like an angel, yet like a devil. We kiss for so long I don’t even realize that my boyfriend is on a chair, watching, and he’s now wearing the band shirt. The singer whispers to me if I want both of them there. I answer by grabbing the neck of the singer and kissing him too. I’m still kissing him when I get naked between them. I look over at my boyfriend and tell him to enjoy the show.