An Alien and an Angel

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Kate24

My fantasy is a dream I had where I'm having sex with a gorgeous alien guy (some weird features but mostly still looks human) in zero gravity on his spaceship, with a big window in the background. There's a beautiful view of distant galaxies and stars. When I come, I close my eyes. When I open my eyes, it's a different person. An angel is holding me and fucking me in the clouds, in the moonlight. When we come, we both fall down for just a short way, then he catches me. We are still in the sky. His wings are gently moving in the wind. He kisses me and then I wake up. Earlier that day, I remember seeing these 2 hot guys. They walked by while I was at the book store looking at a book about fallen angels. I had glanced at both of them and they looked back at me. I could tell they wanted me too. They were definitely eye fucking me.