Alter-life weekend dreams

A Sexual Fantasy

— By letsbeadventurers

It all started with her confessions over a glass of red wine. A confession that unsettled me, but after I dealt my own insecurities, became a very powerful erotic force... She confessed to me that she was intrigued by her fantasies of having sex with another man.

I guess it was her vulnerability in her approach and her openness that made me realize that I wanted to fulfill this for my goddess; and it had to be very sensual, erotic and special.

After what seemed like ages, I found a suitable guy - mid thirties businessman with quite a few of our interests...

I made a reservation at a sexy hotel with plush rooms, as a random getaway with my new acquaintance on standby. After a lovely dinner after we went up to our room with some champagne on ice. I blindfolded her and unzipped her black dress, leaving her in gorgeous lingerie on the bed. I was massaging and tracing her beautiful body with my fingers. I whispered in her ear and asked her if she would like to make her fantasy a reality - she said yes... I messaged our room number to our friend and left the door unlocked.

She was lying on her stomach and I was busy kissing her all over when he walked in and it was as if he just knew what we wanted at that stage. After undressing, he moved to the bottom of the bed and just continued massaging her slowly working his way up to her pussy. By now she was moving, buckling and moaning all together. I winked at him and once again he knew exactly what to do next. He took off her panties and I undid her bra. It was the most erotic, exhilarating experience to watch him teasing her first and then slowly penetrating her until he was fucking her slowly, with her moaning like crazy. She grabbed me, kissed me hard and started giving me the best oral ever. We all reached the orgasm a few seconds apart and spent the night drinking Champagne, laughing and chatting. It was a start of a beautiful friendship. Now, once a month, we escape from our responsible-people lives.