Alone... in the forest

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

My master wanted to give me the ultimate humiliation for being not submissive enough... He blindfolded and gagged me, and took me to a forest. There, he handcuffed me and tied me to a tree, naked. He lubed my lower body cavities, spread my legs with foot clamps and a metal rod, and left me behind, as prey for whoever wanted to take advantage of my willess body. He wrote " full access" with a marker just above my buttocks, with an arrow pointing down. I went in a state of trance hanging there, waiting for my punishment. Then, suddenly, hands touching my body, my breasts, my butt... fingers probing my pussy and ass, and then... After a while I lost count of all the men using my butthole for their own pleasure, relieving themselves of their jizz in it. My master ordered me to keep as much jizz in me as possible, he wanted proof of my ultimate punishment. Then, finally, when the session was over... My master helped me to his car. There, he let me sit on a small bucket, and ordered me to let go of all male produce collected in my worn-out butt. What a relieve, to finally relax my butt, and feel it all leak out in that bucket. My master smiled, and kissed me passionately, saying that I was a good girl now... Tonight, I will be his submissive slave again, receive a good spanking, and then...?