All day agony

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

My husband and I love challenges. So, when he came up with a new one, I said YES even before I knew what it was! When he said what he wanted from me, I was a bit shocked! For the first time in our relationship I was not sure I could do it... And what did he want from me? This... He wanted to let me wear a pair of Kegel balls in my pussy for an entire day... A pair of big, metal balls, buried deep inside my pussy, so that I have to tighten my vaginal muscles all day, to prevent them from sneaking out. One whole day, he said... going to work with them inside me, attending business meetings, meeting people knowing, feeling the balls deep in me... made me soaking wet in anticipation! He also chose my clothes for that day. A decent little black skirt, an almost prudish white silk shirt, with a black ribbon as a tie, and NO underwear! My perky breasts and erect nipples were clearly visible under the thin white cloth. Of course I did it! I have NEVER lost a challenge yet! But let me tell you, it was hard... Being horny all day, constantly aware of the set of Kegel balls, stretching me up, knowing other people could see my arousal... All that, nine very long working hours! I hardly made it home, pulling off my clothes directly after I entered the door, running to the bathroom to remove the balls... But there he is, my husband, demanding to remove the Kegel balls himself... From that moment everything happened in one great orgasmic blur... I am sure he fucked my dripping wet pussy after he removed the balls, but I cannot clearly remember what happened from that moment on... When I came round finally, he kissed me and complimented me for winning yet another challenge... What will come next???