A Sexual Fantasy

— By Branilio22

I'm a student living in a flat with my roomate. That day his mother said to stop by to around 16:00. My roomate went out around 14:00 and said he'll come back for two hours. I called my girlfriend to come over and she said she will be a couple of minutes. I went to shower and heard someone knocking on the door. Assuming it's my girlfriend I went out naked and opened the door. And there was Brian's mother. She had come home early with her long brown hair, blue eyes, long hypnotizing legs, sexy as hell dressed in jeans, high heels and a tight black shirt. I was so embarassed in one hand and so mesmerized with her in the other. "I'm so sorry."

"Where's Brian" she interrupted me.
"He went out."
"When is he coming back?"
"He said at 4."

And then she just smiled, went in, closed the door and started to kiss me all over my chest, then went down and started to suck it. My knees were trembling, both from excitement and fear my girlfriend will come home soon and catch us. But the thrill of being with an older woman, a friend's mom, that hot, is beyond everything. As a straight guy, you always dream of that and a threesome with two girls. I tried to say something but I couldn't even breath properly.

It went on for about 30 seconds when my girlfriend appeared at the door. I swear it can't get weirder than that. Silence filled the room, Brians mom down on her knees looking at her and me with my dick harder than ever, standing there with everything to loose. Her face was neutral, she just stared at me for 5 seconds while Brians mom got up. I couldn't find any words to say. Then she slowly came to us, turned to Brians mom and started to kiss her. What I felt then can't be described with words. She grabbed my dick and started to kiss me and Brians mom went down to finish what she started. They slowly undressed and it went on for an hour.

We had passionate sex all over the flat and it was out of this world. But since Brian was coming we had to stop and get dressed. He came home around 4 pm, we all had coffee together like nothing happened.