A Year As His Slave

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Mochi23

I think it's almost if it hadn't been a year since our first meeting online. I don't remember exact dates but probably a couple of months before our birthdays (yes we share a birthday because of the time difference, it was well celebrated) so maybe around these dates.

There's something special about us, he admitted that. We're both virgins, technically, and exploring our sexuality. Our casual chat turned to a Skype session one night, when we both realised that we're into dominant-submissive dynamic in bed. He's the only person I allow to see my naked body. Since then we secretly sneak out to our respective hide outs in our houses once in a while to Skype (our cultural background makes it normal for a grown up to stay in the family's house) and he'd start giving me orders. Rub your cunt with two fingers and lick them. Wear red. Write "fuck me" with your lipstick. And a lot more.

He'd call me a bad girl and punish me with getting his dick out of the frame so I can't see him stroking. Sometimes he rewards me for being a good girl with a view of his cumming. Enough visual reference to make me fantasise him cumming on my body and making a mess out of me.

I can't deny that eventually I have feelings for him, and it's stupid cause he never wants a real relationship. But it's been a year and yet my favorite parts about Skype time with him is the after-orgasm chats. He looks like a real person - feels like a real person. Only located half a world away.

I wonder if sometime soon I'll have the budget to cut the distance and meet my master. What would it be like to really pop the cherry, and be dominated by him. I want to feel his hand spanking my ass or pulling my hair for real. I want to feel him pinning me down and fuck me senseless for real and have those after-orgasm chats. I wonder how it would feel looking into those bright blue eyes for real and see if he feels the same way - that whatever it is that makes this special is not just our nights pretending in front of our camera, but there is something else that's real.