A Timeless Bar

A Sexual Fantasy

— By PJ

There’s a heady fog of shisha smoke and incense in the dimly lit caverns of the basement bar we stumbled on, drawn in by the allure of the Arabic music. It’s not long before we are sinking deep into the cushions as the pipe is passed around. It’s hard to keep focus on the people that float around us, the pulse of the belly dancers hips, the skin of the shirtless waiter, the young couple beside us, so close that the arm of the young woman rests easily against my leg. You lean in to kiss me and as you do you feel the hand of the belly dancer softly trace down your back, when you turn to her she kisses you, her tongue moving in its own delicious dance. The couple, their chocolate skin glistening in the candlelight, move closer and start kissing me. Bodies and lips are roving across us with a mystical sensuality, sometimes we’re not sure even who we are kissing but all of us are finding increasingly more skin laid bare on which to place our lips. The couple take turns licking and kissing my pussy and sucking your cock, while we kiss each other, the belly dancer and her perfect breasts. It’s not long before the first orgasm rocks my body. And then you are fucking the Nubian princess while her boyfriend caresses her and holds her from behind, I’m licking the belly dancer’s pussy as she cries out in pleasure, our bodies keep turning and sliding across each other, finding their way to new positions, new partners, all of us fucking at once, cumming over and over again, all of our senses engulfed: the music, the incense, our bodies, our breath, the sweet honey of each others lips. Days, weeks, months could have passed, or maybe it was merely minutes… in that timeless bar that we could never find again.