A Special Shower

A Sexual Fantasy

— By LovingHusband

My wife is standing completely nude and her hands are tied behind her back with a silk scarf. I tantalize her naked body. She moans, she giggles, and blushes a bit – but then she interrupts me. She apologizes and says she has to go pee – she should have gone before but she didn’t think of it. She apologizes again and turns her back to me so I can untie her hands. She tells me she’ll hurry back. Instead of untying her hands, I guide her to the bathroom. She’s a little unsure of what’s happening. She gives a little nervous laugh, her heart rate quickens a bit. As we enter the bathroom she moves toward the toilet, preparing herself to pee in front of me (which she rarely does). She blushes. I redirect her into the shower. She stops for a moment, her face is surprised and a bit nervous – she feels shy. She cautiously steps into the bathtub – still unsure. I tell her I want to watch her. She feels shy and a bit embarrassed. I tell her she is beautiful and I help her to crouch down in the bathtub. She is still blushing, but she smiles. I caress her face and stroke her hair - a few small trickles come forth but she's unable to let go. I stand up, strip and step into the shower with her. I untie her hands and I lay down in the bathtub. I get her to straddle on top of me and we start to kiss. As we kiss, she relaxes, starts to let go. I feel her warm liquids cascading over my belly and pelvis as she allows herself to release all over me. She kisses me more furiously – a satisfying moan emanates from deep within her. When she finishes, we both stand up and I turn on the shower. As we rinse off, she stands in front of me. She reaches down and cradles my member in her hand and tells me that now it is my turn. We kiss some more and I allow myself to release. She directs the flow over her belly, up her chest to shower her breasts and down to her pussy where she focuses the stream on her clit. When I finish, we stay in the shower, and proceed to make beautiful and connected love until the hot water runs out.