A lover, fit for a Queen

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Natural Mystic

My fantasy takes place in the privy chambers of a beautiful and powerful Queen.

I am selected by Her Majesty’s ladies in waiting and offered to the Queen for her own personal pleasure. A living luxury to be enjoyed however my Queen wishes.

I have been bathed, oiled and prepped on etiquette and how I should address my Queen, (and of the consequences should I fail to meet her high standards). I have sworn confidentiality and I have vowed to give myself entirely to the Queen and conjure every best effort, not only to meet, but to exceed all of her expectations.

Her royal highness lounges comfortably and watches on with electric anticipation as I am carefully disrobed by the ladies in waiting.

I am totally naked as the ladies in waiting assist the Queen in an intimate inspection of her royal entertainment: me.

She commands, I obey.

Her Majesty first offers me her bare foot to massage and to kiss. Perfectly pedicured, I take great care to do as I am commanded and joyfully proceed as I listen for any further instruction. I am directed to pleasure my Queen’s soft skin with my mouth and am quietly thrilled as she guides my head toward the centre of her pleasure with a steady, confident hand.

The Queen easily notices my excitement beginning to throb and grow. She takes a moment to think after she has been satisfied and grants me permission to approach her and push my dutiful, diligent dick into her wonderful pink, glistening, royal wetness.

I am totally captivated by seeing my Queen in this way and struggle not to give in to my own spontaneity.. I am delighted and relieved to see how well Her Royal Sexiness has responded to my grateful enthusiasm and now she and I are both completely wrapped up in secret, passionate regal-pleasure. I seize my opportunity to throw all of the rules and etiquette to the wind and fuck the woman of my dreams so hard and so well that she could never, ever forget about me. Each thrust crashes against the barriers of class and nobility that once held us apart. I am lost in bliss and silently recite ‘I will not cum until you command it from me, my Queen.’ I treasure the moment and wonder that this might be the greatest way I could every truly express my love for you. I know that just one second of this is far more precious than anything money could ever buy. My Queen, I am forever yours xo