A Lesson in Submission

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Erebus

Claire just started working in an office downstairs from mine. A petite, pretty blond, intelligent and good natured, but cocky; the source of my fantasy.
 I often visit her office to chat. Lately, our chat turned to kink. Claire berated Dan, another friend in her office, that had expressed interest in dominance. Rolling her eyes, Claire can't see why people desire to be submissive. I want to show her. My fantasy, Erika, is to spank Claire - and more.
 In the office, just us, I want to ask if she's ever been submissive. After shaking her head, I want to ask how she can judge without trying. When she shrugs, I want to tell her to bend over her desk; I want her hesitant, but curious.
 I want to pull down her jeans. I want to pull down her panties. I want my hands on her.
 She giggles with each soft spank. I fondle her. She moans. I tease her. She whimpers. I spank her hard. She yelps; then asks for another. I want her red with embarrassment. To admit that she likes the humility. I want her to see her vulnerability, against her own desk, panties to her knees, ass arched out, at my mercy. I want her to love it. I want to give her a taste of submission and I want her hooked.
 I want Dan to walk in. I want to hold Claire to her desk, unable to hide, her sore hind visible to our visitor. I want her to embrace his eyes upon her. To look up at him, a shy smile as I touch her, a moan as I spank her again. I want his hands all over her. I want her curious to explore more than spanking. We want to explore all of her. I want her to see herself, nude, our hands all over her, burning with embarrassment and passion. To embrace the humility of seeing how wrong she was, how good she feels. To be lusted for, at our every whim. To submit. Obedient and willing. To indulge her every lust. For us to indulge ours.
 In the heat of it all, in that small office, door locked, blinds drawn, an occasional groan eluding the hastily shut window, beaded with sweat, warm with our bodies, I want her to finally see the beauty of her submission.