A last exam

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Jocelyn Ancka

This is based on a real story that happened to me a few years ago during an exchange I did in Portugal. At the time, I was studying painting in the UK, doing my master's, and came to Lisbon for a year to take classes on digital art and technology. I met him in my second semester. He was my professor, giving us a class on textures and aesthetics (a very avant-garde topics class). I really enjoyed it – the content was rich and inspiring, and I was exposed to a lot of material and ideas that I hadn't encountered before. The professor was young, early 30s, and used to be a house DJ in Brazil, where he was originally from. I ran into him in the street once, and after seeing I needed it, he suggested we get a beer together, which I happily accepted. We got along quite well, and although I didn't think much of it, I developed a slight crush. A few weeks before I was to go back to the UK, right after my grades had been submitted, was our end-of-year graduation party. The whole university rented out a nightclub in downtown Lisbon, and with my friends and classmates, we danced the night away. But all good things come to an end, and sooner than later, we were waiting outside the nightclub, trying to figure out the next steps. I run into the prof– we are both drunk and uninhibited, flirting with each other without a filter. Next thing you know, we are in a taxi together going back to his place uptown, my friends lost wondering where I went. We arrive at a dark apartment, "I just moved in", he says. We enter and immediately start kissing. The action moves southward– making out, then playing around. In a very surprisingly pleasant turn of events, he takes pleasure in exactly what I desire– forcing me into submitting to his will. He pulls my hair, compels me, and hits me when I don't comply. Things that are taboo and could be frowned upon – but that, on the contrary, make me horny. We're hooking up but then I remember I'm on my period. I warn him and he tells me not to worry, that he doesn't mind. We continue. Blood drops on the floor...