A Dionysian Urge

A Sexual Fantasy

— By PrimalGuy

It is prehistoric times. We are together, naked, in the woods, running. Fleeing the coming storm. Need shelter.

The sky is pitch black. Pained wind shrieking. Torrential rain beating us. Will we die tonight?

A cave! Shelter at last. It's big. It’s dark. And filled with other people.

Males and females. Seeking shelter. We smell them, we hear them. The cries, the whimpers, the terror, the fear. Will we die tonight?

But soon the cries turn into moans, and groans. Panting, breathing. The primal urge kicks in to make sure the species continues. We can’t see them, but we hear them. Smell them. Feel them writhing next to us. I turn you to face the cave of the wall. Lean you against it and spread your legs. With feet planted firmly I drive my cock into you from the rear, deeper and deeper and deeper. Our bodies explode as we come together. We will not die tonight.