A dinner

A Sexual Fantasy

— By ficedulah

This is a dinner, with nice dresses, but women are without panties. They must remove them when they enter the room. There are 5 or more couples at the table (depends on the size of the table, but the more the better), all ages, all ethnicities, alternating male and female. But each place has been chosen randomly: a ticket with a number has been given to each guest when they arrived, and they must sit at the place labeled with the same number. The chairs have been arranged for the women and there  are dildos on them, the women must sit and let them penetrate them, front or rear orifice, according to their preference. Each dildo is controlled by a remote control, and each man has a remote control at his disposal under his table napkin. The idea for the men is to find out which woman they stimulate when they activate their remote control before the end of the dinner. The idea for the women is to hide as long as possible her potential enjoyment till the end of the dinner. A male winner will do whatever he wants with the woman he stimulated on the table in front of everyone(no violence & he can invite others to join him). A female winner who could conceal till the dessert her enjoyment will do whatever she wants with the male who did not discover her, on the table in front of everyone (she can also invite others to join her). In the end, I suppose everyone would join, so that everyone, male or female, is satisfied.