A dear debt

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Beckett24

I owed her, and she knew it. I am not young, but she is hardly younger. She is a woman of means, and I have fallen on hard times. There were moments in my life when this was not so. I lived freely and frivolously. Spent without care and kissed whom I wished. Now I must be more careful, despite my nature.
And so I have taken a room in her mostly empty house. It could be a small hotel in a city like this. But it would need care. In this respect I can also be of use. For a bit of benefit on the rent I earned my keep in other ways. I made repairs throughout the place. I can sort matters out fairly quickly, and work I had not done before was understood before too long, and even mastered. Weeks went by, a handful of months, and her faded building shone.
She noticed the change indeed.