92 degree

A Sexual Fantasy

— By maud

There  happened to be six of us in the middle of the night in my neighbors' swimming pool, all naked. Me, my best girlfriend and four male strangers we met earlier in a bar. The water was so hot, we could see the steam raising from the surface, it was almost like a jacuzzi. I remember how excited I was, being surrounded by all those beautiful bodies. We first started to play "marco-polo" like we were kids again. And then, she grabbed me and started to kiss me. Surprisingly, boys began to imitate us. And then it went further... There were hands all over our breasts. multiple tongues in our mouths. It wasn't the first adventure I had with her, but it was the first time, a man (in this case men) joined us. I remember being fucked by one Italian nameless guy from behind and kissing my bestfriend while being took by 2, and one was masturbating when I think I saw something by the window. Now I know for sure it was my neighboor staring at us, probably touching himself. Cause you see, my familly and I just moved in, and later in the summer I spotted him sneaking around, staring at me or my friends. It was one of the wildest night of my life. We'll never forget it!