3 women and my man

A Sexual Fantasy

— By gidget

My boyfriend's first sexual experience, when he was a teenager, was plural, and before him I've been polyamorous and bisexual. But since we've been together, we've been so obsessed with each other that there hasn't been any room for anyone else. I daydream about him being with three women -- me and two others -- just enough for both of us. I would go down on each alternately, sucking on his cock while I finger her pussy, then licking her while I grab his cock. She would rub herself all over his muscular stomach and finger herself while sucking on my nipples. I would lick her pussy while he fucks me from behind. I come loudly. He lasts forever. While I ride him and come so hard that I drip all over the bed, the other two women fuck each other, one licking and sucking the other while the other fucks her with my dildo. As I recover, while I'm still thrumming and throbbing, one nibbles on his ears while the other sucks on his cock. Then, as he reenters me from behind, each of us on our sides, one is in front of me, grabbing my breasts and pinching and sucking on my nipples, while the other is behind him, pegging him. I grab her ass, then finger her clit as she grinds against me, and he grabs her behind him. We all come together, making enough noise for the whole neighborhood to know our enjoyment.